Education Services and Qualification Checking

Throughout the United Kingdom there are many education services. This includes courses, verification services and professional bodies. The rest of this article will discuss each service in greater detail. 

Checking qualifications

global qualification check services or verification checks are exactly what they sound like. There are services that run background checks to verify that a person has the qualifications they are claiming. For example, if someone has earned their degree in a specific subject from a specific school, then a verification check can be performed. The same goes for GCSE scores and certificates.

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Verification checks are often requested as part of a job hiring process. A lot of employers in the UK want workers with specific qualifications, but they turn to services that can verify that the candidates they are thinking of hiring has the qualifications they are claiming to have. 


There are education services that aid people in finding courses that best suit them. These types of services are commonly offered at specific educational institutions, such as colleges and universities. Sometimes prospective students aren't sure what subjects they should take, so such services can come in handy. 

Those who know what they want to do for work can use course finding services. Such services will help them find out what courses they should take and what qualifications they need to obtain in order to get into the field they are hoping to work in. 

Services that deal with finding courses may involve taking pre-enrollment testing. This is usually to find out where the prospective student is at, learning wise. Test results may impact on what level a student starts off on, if there are various levels of the courses they are interested in taking. 

Professional Bodies

There are a number of professional bodies. This includes the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, which is a union that represents education professionals in the United Kingdom. A few of the other bodies include the British Association for Teachers of the Deaf and the Career Development Institute. 

Different professional bodies serve different purposes. For example, there are local professional education bodies that retain records of GCSE scores/certificates and other types of professional degrees. If a person wanted to request their records, then they would contact the appropriate professional body. 

Each of the above education services play a crucial role in the educational system in the UK. There are many other services, but those three are a few of the top ones.