ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                                      

Online/Distance Learning Programme Admission and Operational Procedures

A. WAEC/NECO – Minimum of 5 credits including English Language & Mathematics. 4 credits may be accepted upon written undertaken that student will make up the required subjects before completion of course (Online download and Statement/Certificate of Results)

B. WAEC/NECO Scratch Card Details

C. University Transcript and Certificate / To Whom It May Concern (for Postgraduate Applicant only)

D. 2 Reference Letters (for Postgraduate Applicant only)

E. Research Proposal (for PhD applicant) Period of Intake: February, June and September

Step One:
A. Complete CUC Application Form properly
B. Pay application fee of $100 (or naira equivalent) into designated
bank account only
C. Scan and email completed CUC Application Form, Payment Teller for
application fee and ORIGINAL credentials to :

Step Two:

a. Provisional Acceptance Letter will be sent to student/agent email address
b. Student Handbook will be sent to student/agent email address
c. Student Invoice will be sent to student/agent email address
d. Student to pay first year tuition fee and half of administrative fee to designated bank account.
e. Student/agent to scan copy of Payment Teller to

Step Three:
a. Final Notice of Acceptance and Receipt will be sent to
student/agent email address

Step Four (Mandatory):
a. Student will attend Orientation Programme (This is compulsory). At
Orientation Programme, student will be given:
- Operational Manual
- Student ID Card
- Student ID Number

Step Five (Not compulsory):
a. Student will attend Contact Tutorial (Bachelor and Master degree student only) at designated centres

Step Six (Compulsory):
a. Student will attend End of Semester examination at designated centres

Step Seven:
a. End of Semester Examination Results will be sent to student email address

Step Eight:
a. Student will write thesis/research work
Step Nine:
a. Overall student results and grades will be communicated to student
through email address
b. Student will confirm grades in line with his/her records
Step Ten:
a. Student will attend graduation ceremony at the University Campuses
in Europe or in Africa (Not compulsory)
b. Degree Certificate issued to student from the University

[A] The minimum age for registration at the University is 16 years.
[B] A Registration fee of £250 is required before a student will be issued with an Offer of Place Letter. This document is required to obtain your Embassy interview. (The Registration fee is not refundable). If you gain an interview you will be required to take a Confirmation of Place document, minimum deposit £500, this document confirms your course payment and acceptance to the College. Course payment (full or part) must be received before this document is issued.

If you fail to obtain your visa the payment will be refunded less £250 administrative fee.
[C] Enrolment for a course together with the payment of the required deposit/full fee creates a binding agreement.

In the event of cancellation for whatever reason, the following conditions will apply:-
(1) Where a cancellation is received after the commencement of a course, there will be no refund whatsoever.
(2) Transfer of fees to another student will be solely at the discretion of the Directors. A minimum of £135.00 transfer fee will apply.
(3) Where a student has obtained a student visa using our college documentation and then decide not to follow his/her course at this college once they have arrived in the U.K, there will be no refund whatsoever.
(4) If for any reason a course is cancelled, students will be offered an alternative course, or a refund of fees.
(5) If students change their course of study during the term, no refunds will be given where the revised course involves fewer subjects.
[E] Students are required to maintain attendance throughout the duration of their course. Holders of a student visa are advised that the College is obliged to apply HOME OFFICE rules and insist that a full-time course is of a minimum of 15 hours of daytime study per week is followed.
Failure to attend 2 consecutive months (without notice) will result in dismissal from the College

[F] It is the student’s own responsibility to ensure that external examination entries are in order and are sent off to the appropriate examining bodies by the appropriate closing dates.

[G] Overseas students must comply with the Immigration Rules.

[H] Concepts University reserves the right to refuse admission to any student.

[I] We also reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any student without refund of fees in the event of serious misconduct or unsatisfactory attendance/progress.

[J] Failure to appear at the agreed starting date without notice will mean forfeiture of fees and notifying the HOME OFFICE.
[K] Concepts University reserves the right to change the times of the courses.

[L] The University prospectus is correct at the time of printing but is subject to alteration.

[M] We are required by the Home Office to record your attendance and supply any and all details when requested.

[N] Fees must be fully paid to date to allow a student to sit for any examinations

[O] Discounts apply for degree courses only if total course fees paid in full before the commencement of the course.

[P] It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the course or courses that he or she intends to undertake meets their requirements.

[Q] Computer use is covered by Concepts University ‘Terms and Conditions of Computer and Internet usage ’ available on request.